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The Guardian of the Power Grid

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EPC ENERGIA LTDA is power operation and maintenance company, totally owned by Hexing Electrical Co., Ltd, Since the Beginning of the year 2017, ENERGIA has a professional and experience engineer staff equipped with mature and rich operation and maintenance facilities, provides power network operation for 155 cities in MINAS.

The Time is 6 O’clock in the morning in the Busy City Conselheiro Lafaiete, which located in the drainage basin of the Rio Grande in São João del Rei municipality.

start as a normal day in this crowded City, the sky was blue, the air was crisp and the sun was shining gloriously.

Suddenly, At EPC ENERGIA LTDA Company, the employees in the Customer service center start to receive calls complaining about a tree fell and hit the electricity distribution lines and settled in the middle of a busy Road, which cause an Outage and block the road.

The Staff Quickly without any hesitation rushed to the scene to check the problem, as professional and experience team, they start first to check the safety of the situation and people, then they start to locate the cause of the problem and remove obstacles and repair everything related, after several ours of hard intense and professional job, the team was able to recover the power and fix the lines, remove the tree from the middle of the road and open it again for the citizens, EPC ENERGIA LTDA Team have done a great job, Quickly with the best they can, fix everything.

In Brazil, we do our job nice and smooth with strict following of the operation procedures “this Praise is our greatest affirmation”, Eular Proudly Says, “ENERGIA staff member”.

In the same day at 12:00 pm at noon time, in Betim city which a city located in  Minas Gerais state, with temperature up to more than 35 C, another dedicated EPC ENERGIA Team was sent to the Jungle seeking for a disconnected wire to fix, since this problem was deep in the jungle with a rugged roads and bushy trees, it is too difficult to enter with cars and trucks, so the Team had to carry the equipment and tools all the way deep in the Jungle, walking for more than an hour, finally they reach what they came for, fix it and check for any additional problem, they spend more than 2 hours to finish everything but in the end as a result they have done a great job.

The Time, 2:00 pm afternoon, in the City of Barbacena EPC ENERGIA Team again was sent to water authority in the city to install smart meters manufacture by Eletra Electric Power Co., Ltd Company, the Subsidiary of Hexing Electrical Co., Ltd in Brazil.

Eular is Working in power industry for 30 years, with a huge technical experience, and he Join Hexing in the beginning of 2016.

“I like working here, share technical experience with everyone” Eular said.

The Quality of service and the professionality of the team have been proven and known by all Brazilian Electricity utilities.