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The place, Bondowoso regency, it is a regency in East Java, Indonesia, it is only 30 Km far from the Center of Jawa Timur.

It was difficult to reach the village “we had to rent motors from local people, and drive it for long time to reach the village and then go back in the same way, it is really inconvenient” Boudie Said with full of frustration.

The Village with lack of electricity since the last year 2016, but now it is totally connected with full electricity access, and for sure they had to install meters to monitor and calculate the consumption of the consumers, so the choice was Hexing prepayment meters these meters came with big data storage, remote information acquisition and exchange, the consumer buy electricity from different channels, and charge the meters by keypad or IC card, “those meters are really convenient” Boudie Said.

Hexing Indonesia has provide metering services for more than 6 million users across Indonesia, and still provide this services till now with full of professionality and passion, Hexing help Indonesia’s national electricity to implement and install Vending system for generating tokens, with prepaid meters across the country, which help them to manage and assign vending channels efficiently, allows them to design tariffs to suit their requirement and 24 hours energy purchasing for the end user and more from this comprehensive solution. 

Hexing Indonesia established in Karawang industrial Zone, west Java province, covering an area of 6, square meters, engaged in smart metering distribution equipment and management system, transformer monitoring equipment, and operation and services.

Hexing Indonesia has more than 200 people all working as one family, full of passion, to give better and excellent product and services to the valuable customers.

Aep saepudin is the first Indonesian join hexing in Indonesia, before joining the company Aep Saepudin was young man who lived alone, “The life was unstable” Aep Saepudin said, now, he has a stable and secure job, helps him to facilitate and make his life much easier and comfortable, he met his wife in the company and buy new motorcycle recently.

“I’m very satisfied with my job, I hope I can always be part of Hexing family” he said.

He was a worker in the production line, after a while he became an excellent engineer because of his hard-perfect work.

At present, Hexing Indonesia has established a new complete production line and local supply chain, the current annual production capacity has reached 2.5 million meters, in addition also hexing meters meet the requirement of IEC standards, and through the Indonesian electric power bureau PLN standard and testing lab.

“I think the company is improving day by day” Aep Saepudin Said.