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The Bridge of Friendship

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Hexing smart prepayment solution in Bangladesh is under implantation in Chittagong area, the project manager Wang Xiao Fei and Zhang Jie are leading the team consist of 300 people to install smart prepaid meters, the first stage includes replacing 100,000 smart prepaid meters and also replace old cables, provide IT equipment, setup vending points, and operational services, In the follow-up, the second stage, Hexing will install the prepayment meter for the three regions of Chittagong, kumila, and maimenxin, The third stage ,Hexing will install the prepayment meter for the distribution company in Dhaka, as well as the  western utility.

The Director of Chittagong utility Kamal Uddin and executive engineer Morshed, are follow up this project step by step almost every day, improve ways and coordinate resources with our project team together in the field. 

At present, hexing has provided service to more than 2 million users in Bangladesh, it is expected to provide services to more than 20 million users in the next ten years, With the help of hexing, Bangladesh government and local utility setting up a nationwide prepayment meter system technology standard, save reading electrician nearly 230 people, and reduce the number of bad debts of the power authority.

In addition, Hexing purchased cable, IT equipment, installation accessories, and hired local employees around 150 people, and the installation worker around 1080 people. Hexing implement all technical knowledge to local companies, promote the technology innovation and progress of the electricity industry, and solve the problem of the collection of electricity charges, also hexing sent nearly 20 Chinese engineers to the site of the project, and they trained 270 people on how they can operate vending system and the knowledge of prepayment solution.  Also, give a training of electricity meter basic knowledge and the installation of the electricity meter for the subcontractor installation team.

As the project progressed. Hexing has a deep understanding of the characteristics and products of electricity demand in Bangladesh, Hexing has introduced different products and solutions to different utility, and successfully launched HEXPAY third-party online services platform that allows Bangladeshi residents to manage electricity and charge tokens.

Through HEXPAY, residents can use their mobile phone to buy tokens and charge their meters, there are series of convenient channels as the bank ATM machine, POS, Retails, scratch CARDS, which can achieve 7 * 24 hours service.

We believe that Hexing provides high-quality products and services for the Bengal to build up a bridge of friendship.