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Big Customer Came with Big Revenue

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In Kenya, the utility is suffering huge losses each year, the government of Kenya has made a 5000MW+ capacity plan to empower national development. Along with this ambitious plan, the peak demand of power is expected to reach 5,359MW in 2017 from current one which is 1,468MW. Various mega-projects and new C&I customers are expected to absorb most of the power consumption. 

Because of the vast rich experience in the advanced metering, Hexing was awarded the contract to deploy almost 6,000 large-user meters project which covers 10 provinces around Kenya, and was able to deliver High accuracy meter with compact metering equipment design to ensure accurate energy metering and help to issue bills promptly for customers. 

And On the other hand, anti-tampering designing enhances insurance of large users’ revenue, which stands for the main source of KPLC’s income.

Hexing developed whole series of high accuracy meters for various C&I users cover the range from the LV whole current meter, LV CT meter to substation meter, which meet all the voltage levels in Kenya. Combining with Hexing’s customized C&I system, KPLC can issue accurate bills according to operator’s scheduled and on-demand request.

All these factors and facts will let the utilities to realize and monitor the consumption and take actions to save energy, this will lead to a significant improvement in customer’s satisfaction as well as KPLC’s corporation reputation.